The Abandoned Town In South Carolina That Most People Stay Far, Far Away From

If we were in Nevada, we’d be writing about a deserted old ghost town that’s rumored to be haunted by friendly ghosts or chainsaw-wielding zombies itching to start the apocalypse. If we weren’t in Nevada, however, we’d be writing about a haunted old ghost town in California. If we were in California, we’d be writing about a haunted old ghost town in California. However, this is not Nevada, and we are all aware that the spirits that haunt South Carolina would never bring about the end of the world…right? Have a look at the information on this abandoned town in South Carolina, and let us know what you think…It was bad enough to be kicked off your family’s land and forced to move against your will, but for the former residents of Ellenton and the five other nearby small towns that the United States government “acquired” in 1950, the situation was made even worse.

After all of these years, the former residents of Ellenton have only been permitted to visit the area that they once called home on a very limited number of occasions that are strictly supervised. They can take a stroll down what was once known as Main Street and reminisce about the Cassells Company store as well as the Esso gasoline they used to put in their vehicles.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify going home to Ellenton, even if it is only for a brief stroll down Main Street.
Over the course of the years, there has been a shift in more than just the landscape.

Because of the nature of the firm that relocated to the area, the location has developed into a hazardous environment.

The people who work at the Savannah River Site have really stepped up over the years in their efforts to make amends to the citizens of Ellenton for the inconvenience that was caused by the site.

They have established multiple foundations and even provided access in 2015 for a heritage trail walk through Ellenton, which is an event that appears to have virtually vanished, at least according to the Internet content that promoted the event’s inception.
Those same residents of Old Ellenton might want to rethink their habit of taking nostalgic strolls down Main Street in Old Ellenton now that the Savannah River Site has been labeled the place on Earth with the highest concentration of radioactive and toxic waste pollution.

It is no longer possible to travel all the way into what was formerly Ellenton. However, if you travel several miles south of Beech Island on Highway 125, you will come across an Ellenton marker that is located in close proximity to the historic district. But in the game of horseshoes, coming close is all that matters. Even though they were only a short distance away, the families who were uprooted in the early 1950s do not feel like they have returned home. However, is the presence of radioactive waste sufficient to keep people away? It ought to be, but if it isn’t, there’s always that one teeny-tiny catch that pops up whenever somebody tries to enter any portion of the Savannah River Site without the appropriate access badge. We refer to it as “the law.”
In this promotional video that was released by the SRS in 2015 when it was announced that the Ellenton Heritage Trail had been approved, you can watch interviews with some former residents of Ellenton.

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