Kolmanskop, Namibia

1.Sanzhi, Taiwan

Sanzhi, the city of the UFO houses in Taiwan, was developed as a vacation destination for the US military officers returning from their positions in Asia. But the unfortunate car accidents & the loss of investments forced this site to close down in 1980. The structure too were torn apart entirely in 2010.

2.Ghost Town of Bodie, California, USA

A photo capturing an old car and ruins of the houses in the abandoned town of Bodie in California
It was in 1876 that miners discovered rich deposits of gold and silver in the town. But the city soon gained the reputation of a ‘sin city’, owing to its myriad brothels and hop joints. And it wasn’t long before it finally went bankrupt in the 1940s and become one of the best well-preserved ghost towns in the world.

Abandoned Islands

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