Calcata: the Coolest Village in Italy

Calcata Vecchia stands on a mountain of tufa rock from which it dominates the valley of the river Treja. According to legends in Calcata, in 1527 was captured a lanzichenecco who had taken part in the Sack of Rome, and plundered the Holy of Holies of San Giovanni in Laterano. Imprisoned in the country, would have hidden the reliquary containing the Holy foreskin in his cell, where it would have been discovered in 1557. Since then the church began to venerate the relic, granting to the pilgrims an indulgence of ten years.

The village is accessed from the single door that opens on the walls and close to it there are the remains of the temple falisco of Monte Li Saints. Certainly deserve a visit the Opera Forest Museum of Art of nature and the places of S/culture pauses of art on footpath Ceciuli, i.e. 7 works sculptor in three stones of Lazio permanently installed in 2013.

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