EDEN Tower In Singapore By Heatherwick Studio

Heatherwick Studio completed EDEN tower a new residential project located in Singapore’s prime Ardmore/Draycott area in prestigious District 10. Located in the historic Orchard Road Neighbourhood of Singapore and commissioned by Swire Properties, the 104.5-meter building – the first residential project in Asia by the studio – offers a unique response to its location that entwines nature with city apartment living.

EDEN Tower is described as a ‘radical departure from the glass and steel tower typology
The 20-story structure, named ‘EDEN’, is described as a ‘radical departure from the glass and steel tower typology’. The project immerses homes within a garden environment that also offers the benefits of apartment living. “The project was conceived as a counterpoint to the ubiquitous glass and steel towers of much contemporary high-rise residential architecture,” said Mat Cash, group leader at Heatherwick Studio. “Rather than isolating, hermetically sealed boxes we wanted to create open, flowing homes, raised into the sky, that connect with the lush physical environment of Singapore in an enriching, engaging and sustainable way,” he told Dezeen.

By pulling apart the square block of a conventional residential tower and moving the services to the perimeter, each apartment has a large central living space, surrounded by smaller individual rooms and wide shell-like balconies. The apartments are lifted 27 meters above an intensely planted ground-level tropical garden. The greenery from the garden is threaded upwards and around the building through a series of planted chandeliers which grow as they rise up the building’s dramatic 18-meter-high lobby, to become generous private planted outdoor spaces. The balconies are alternated to create double-height outside spaces filled with planting from more than twenty species of flora. As well as surrounding each apartment with tranquil and calming greenery and natural shading from the Singaporean sun, the plants will grow to cascade down the building, softening its appearance.

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