Waldspirale: One Tree for Each Resident

Designed by the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Waldspirale (“Forest Spiral”) is a large spiral residential building with a forest on its twisting roof in Darmstadt, Germany. The structure consists of 105 apartments and more than 1000 unique windows. At its highest level, the building has 12 floors, and the residents can climb to the roof which includes a cafe and a bar.
Of the 1048 windows of Waldspirale, not one of them is the same as any other window.

Hundertwasser avoids straight lines which he calls “devil’s tools” in every aspect of the building. The rounded interior walls, the golden domes, the colorful paint on its façade, and the ceramic columns form curvy lines throughout the residential complex. Even the placement of the windows does not follow a line.

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