Dome Homes, Florida

1. Dome Homes, Florida

A little off the coast of Marco Island in Cape Romano (Florida), the Dome Homes is a structure that was built as a vacation home. However, the alien-spacecraft-like structure eventually became abandoned following a series of hurricanes and the declining coastline.

Abandoned Cities, Towns, and Villages
2. Craco, Italy

The small hill town in Basilicata (south Italy) came into existence in 540 AD. But the town’s location ultimately became the reason for its downfall. Due to the poor agriculture, the landslide of 1963, the flood of 1972, and the continued instability of the slope on which the town was located, Craco was eventually abandoned totally by early 1990s. However, it was seen again in the popular movie The Passion of The Christ.

3. Kayakoy, Turkey

Nestled among the Taurus Mountains, Kayakoy town in Turkey has been deserted since the 1920s due to the political population exchange with Greece. With over 350 vacant homes, it is one of the popular abandoned places in the world.

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