Nara Dreamland Theme Park, Japan

Inspired by the Disneyland, the Nara Dreamland Park was opened in 1961 but was shut down by 2006. Ever since it has held one of the spooky-looking abandoned places in the world.

2 Spreepark, Berlin, Germany


Opened in the then-Soviet-ruled East Berlin in 1969, Spreepark was the only amusement park in the region back then. With the passage of time, the wall fell and bigger & better parks opened up. Subsequently, the amusement park was shut down in 2001 and has remained abandoned ever since.

3 Gulliver’s Travels Park, Kawaguchi, Japan

Opened in 1997, the Gulliver’s Travels Park in the Kawaguchi region of Japan could not last any longer than 10 years despite the financial aid from the Japanese government.

Other beautiful abandoned places in the world
4 Floating Forest, Sydney

Built in 1911, this SS Ayrfield retired in 1972 and was dumped in the ship graveyard in the Homebush Bay (west of Sydney). But the majestic mangrove trees and the greenery sprouting out of the vessel make it stand out from the rest.

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