The Spirit Of Abandoned Spaces By Christian Richter

nfluenced by the downfall of the GDR-regime, photographer Christian Richter who grew up in East Germany, is still fascinated by buildings that have fallen into oblivion.

He’s interested in the history of those locations and the secrets that are hidden inside the walls. In particular Richter wants to capture the charm of irreversibly destroyed locations. The photographer specialized on architectural photography and in the last couple of years he has visited more than 1000 ruined constructions, spread all over Europe.The range of facilities he depicted is also huge: Among others Richter took pictures of private houses, cinema auditoriums and concert halls. Staircases and large halls are especially alluring to him. Through his photographic lens, Richter wants to reveal the spirit that lies in each of the buildings which were simply left to rot and decay. Something that was meticulously constructed a while ago shows now its inescapable transience. When taking a closer look, you discover nature that triumphs over human interventions: mold, brass and lichen assume control.

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