Underwater Archaeologists Uncover 2,000-year-old Roman Ship

A group of archaeologists from multiple countries have found a Roman ship that is 2,000 years old and has been preserved in the sea off of Sukosan, which is located in Croatia.
The discovery was made by the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology, in conjunction with the German Archaeological Institute and a team of researchers from a variety of countries around the world.

After discovering pieces of wood and coins that were minted during the reign of Emperor Constantine, underwater archaeologists first identified a possible wreck site in the year 2021. This discovery led them to the location of the wreck.

As a result, a comprehensive underwater survey was carried out, which unearthed nine meters of the ship’s hull that had been buried beneath layers of sand at a depth of two meters in the area surrounding the Roman port of Barbir.

The underwater ruins of Barbir were found for the first time in 1973. Ongoing surveys and aerial photographs have revealed evidence of submerged structures and two peers, which suggests that the port was a major trading hub during the Roman period.

Initial dating efforts have suggested that the ship is approximately 2,000 years old and dates back to sometime during the first or second century AD, which corresponds to the first construction phase at Roman Barbir.

Samples of the hull have been shipped to France for further examination in the hopes of establishing a date that is more accurate and learning whether the construction material was sourced locally or from other parts of the world.

In spite of the fact that shipworms have caused damage to certain areas of the vessel, the entirety of the vessel’s outer frame has been preserved and remains in a form that is relatively unaltered.

The team intends to return to the site in 2023 in order to uncover the remaining portion of the ship’s hull. For the time being, the wreck will be preserved by being covered with layers of sand, geotextile, and stone.

Header Image Credit : Zadarski.hr

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