Abandoned Mansions In The UK

Winstanley Hall, Wigan
Hamilton Palace, Uckfield Sussex
Abandoned for more than 30 years, Hamilton Palace is a modern-day mansion that was never finished. Featuring a copper dome and intended as a place to house a large art collection, the £40 million mansions was abandoned by the property baron Nicholas Van Hoogstraten and stands uncompleted. Locals have nicknamed the property the Ghost House of Sussex and some call it the Devils Palace.
Built in the 1560s, Winstanley Hall belonged to the lord of the manor and is one of only 3 Tudor buildings in the Wigan Borough. In 1596 the Bankes family bought the property and this ancient mansion was in constant use by the same family until the 1980’s.

The upkeep of the mansion became too much for the owners and it was sold in 2000 along with 10 acres of land. Originally destined to be developed and renovated into private apartments work has not yet started and it is now getting dilapidated.
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Kinmel Hall, Abergele, Wales

Originally completed in 1786, the current Kinmel Hall (1870s) is the third to be built on the site and is an example of a calendar house. It has not been used as a private home since 1929 but has done service as a spa, a hospital and a school for girls.

After a fire in 1975, some restoration took place and although it was bought by a development company no work has yet been carried out. Identified as an ‘at risk’ building there has been pressure on the owners to prevent further decay of this large country house.

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