Building Renovation Costs, Budgets and Project Management

Building Renovation Costs, Budgets and Project Management
It may seem obvious but it is essential that you not only plan your renovation budget carefully and that all aspects of the derelict property renovation are managed properly. If you don’t feel confident doing this yourself then you can either allow your main contractor to control the project or employ a professional project management company to take care of the build and renovation on your behalf. There is also a wide variety of software available which could make managing your building, conversion or renovation a lot easier.

* Finding a property to renovate in the UK

For property renovation budgets and costs see our dedicated page on how to plan your renovation finances properly. Budgets can spiral out of control, especially when renovating a derelict property or abandoned building, so never assume anything and take advice when needed – it will save you a lot of headaches and heartaches in the future.

Finding a derelict property for sale and turning it into a beautiful home is a wonderful and rewarding experience but you do need to protect yourself, your investment and your savings.

Not all derelict properties for sale are old buildings or ruins.

Derelict Properties for Sale at Uk Property Auctions
One very popular method for finding derelict property for sale in the UK is to visit a property auction. In the UK there are basically two types of property auctions. There are live or ‘real’ actions, where you go along to the auction house and physically bid in person, then there are online property auctions which function in the same way but the bidding and selling is conducted on the auction house website.

Many property auctions include derelict property for sale as well as abandoned houses and neglected property such as disused churches and empty farm buildings.

These property auctions are fantastic places to source derelict and abandoned houses, empty flats and vacant commercial properties around the UK. Most produce an auction catalogue and it is often a very good idea to attend a property auction without bidding, just to view how the process works and all that is involved.

Derelict Property FAQ
Where can I find a derelict property for sale?
You can find a derelict property for sale just about anywhere in the UK. Contact local estate agents, look at local property listings or simply drive around your area of interest and try to find a derelict property you may be interested in. From there you can make local inquiries and find out if the empty property is for sale.

Can I get planning permission for a derelict property?
It is possible to get planning permission to renovate a derelict property for sale if you happen to find one, but it does depend on the circumstances and your actual planning application. If you find an empty or abandoned property it is best to speak to your local council planning department first before purchasing a derelict property.

Can I claim a derelict or empty property?
It is possible to claim a derelict property but the process takes around 12 years and is legally difficult. Most properties are owned by someone and it is extremely unlikely that any property, even derelict or abandoned properties, does not have a registered owner. If you find a derelict property for sale and you are interested in purchasing the building, find out who owns the property by asking around locally, speaking to a local estate agent or searching the local land registry.

Where can I find derelict properties for sale?
One of the best ways of finding a derelict property is to go for a drive around the area you are interested in. Derelict properties are often not listed and when you find a suitable abandoned house or derelict barn, start making local enquiries as to who owns the building.

Is it legal to renovate a derelict building?
Yes of course you can renovate a derelict property, as long as you adhere to the local planning permission laws. For example, the property may be a listed building or protected in some other way. make sure you determine the status of any derelict property you wish to buy before you purchase it.

Can you insure an abandoned or empty property?
Insurance for an unoccupied, abandoned or empty property is a must if you own the building. Even if the property is completely derelict, for example a ruined house, there are still many things which can go wrong, such as flooding, landslips and fire. If your empty property has a roof then you should definitely contact an insurance company which specialises in cover for empty properties.

Is it possible to buy derelict property with land?
If you like the idea of living in the countryside you will find that many derelict properties come with land, such as a small field or paddock, as part of the purchase. This is especially true for empty properties such as old barns and farm buildings, country churches and old farmhouses. It is likely you will get much more for your money by buying and renovating a derelict property in the countryside.

How do I find abandoned property in the UK?
There are many ways to find abandoned property in the UK. These include visiting the area you are interested in and actually looking for suitable abandoned properties, searching the UK Land Registry and looking for unregistered land and properties and contacting your local council to find out if they have any derelict or abandoned properties available.

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