Finding Derelict Property with Land for Sale

Finding Derelict Property with Land for Sale
Rather than simply searching for derelict farms for sale, it may be better to look for derelict land for sale around the UK. There are many properties where the land is advertised and the derelict building on it is an afterthought. This is especially true for land where the building is dilapidated or partly ruined, such as an old cottage or ruined house with only two or three walls standing.

Buying a derelict property with land for sale can bring many benefits and allows for expansion, resale of extra land or even splitting the land into housing plots.

Recently there has been a trend to try and claim derelict land in the UK via the process of adverse possession. While this is possible it does not represent a viable long term strategy to acquire free land in the UK. A better option is to take your time and search for cheap land for sale or even consider looking for woodland for sale as this type of land often contains derelict, ruined or unused buildings that may have potential.

Finally, don’t forget to seek the proper advice regarding planning permission and what you are allowed to do to the land as well as the empty building itself. This is a common pitfall for buyers who purchase a derelict property for sale only to find a planning issue that prevents them from renovating the property. Stay in contact with your local planning department and keep them fully informed at all stages.

Tracing the Owner of A Derelict Property
If you do find an abandoned building you are interested in but it is not listed as a derelict property for sale, it may still be possible to acquire the building if you can speak to the current owner. There are a few different methods available when it comes to finding out who owns a derelict property but one good tip is not to simply charge in with lots of cash.

Depending on the property type and location, the owners may be sensitive to the plans you have for the empty cottage or abandoned home you have your eye on. This is especially true in more rural areas and where the owner is likely to be a country estate or someone who owns a large amount of surrounding land.

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