Five Good Reasons to Consider Buying a Derelict Property

Five Good Reasons to Consider Buying a Derelict Property
1. You can save a lot of money buying a derelict property
One of the major benefits of purchasing a property in a derelict condition is the possibility to acquire the property at a greatly reduced price. Depending on the type of property and the status of the building, such as with a listed or protected status, it is possible to grab yourself a real bargain in terms of the price paid for the property.

2. It’s not just the building, it’s the plot of land too
With some derelict properties, particularly those that are not protected, you are also purchasing a plot as well as the ruined building itself. This means that as long as you are allowed to demolish the existing building you could be left with an ideal plot or land that is easier to get planning permission for due to the fact that the building already exists on the site.

3. You can restore an abandoned house into a beautiful building
One of the main reasons people search for a derelict property for sale is to find a building that has some kind of character or features that are not normally found in modern buildings. For example, imagine finding a derelict Victorian stone barn that you could convert or a disused church that could be turned into a beautiful home. These kinds of derelict properties present unlimited possibilities.

Prepare to play a longer term game if you purchase a derelict property as an investment. Making money renovating a derelict house, barn, cottage or building takes time and money.

4. An abandoned or empty building is better to be used than left as a ruin
We are all familiar with seeing ruined cottages with only two walls standing or other derelict buildings that have sat in that condition for years on end. It can be argued that bringing these types of derelict buildings back into use is the right thing to do. A beautifully renovated derelict building is often better for the local area and the building itself.

5. You can build your home where you may not otherwise be allowed to
In some cases, buying a derelict property for sale allows for the possibility of creating a family home in an area where you may not normally be able to get planning permission to build a new house. This is often the case on country estates, national parks, and other parts of the UK where they have restricted new builds.

Many country estates like to see derelict cottages and empty stone barns brought back to life rather than staying in their present ruined condition. This is especially true in areas such as Scotland, where country estates are vast and often have remote cottages or derelict land which can be purchased. Many people who are prepared to look for derelict properties for sale in Scotland end up with a much better deal than buying in the more populous south.

These are just some of the reasons the buying a derelict property can be a great idea, however, is not for the faint-hearted. Renovating a derelict property is a major undertaking and can involve a lot of paperwork, money, time and more often than not a great deal of frustration.

Taking on a project like this really is a labour of love but if you persevere and follow all the rules while at the same time respecting the building itself, you can end up with a stunning family home full of character and with the kind of visual appeal that simply doesn’t exist in modern buildings.

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