Romania’s Abandoned Valley of Geamana

The ruins of this abandoned Romanian village stand tall even though they were submerged in an ocean of toxic waste, Lupșa, Romania.

The village of Geamana, which was once a wretched settlement nestled in a picturesque Romanian valley, was erased from the map to make room for a toxic dumping lake, but there are still signs of the resolute little town all over the landscape.

Geamana village thrived until 1978, a shockingly recent year, with a distinctly contented and contented population living in a lush valley.

Sadly, this was the same year that abundant copper reserves were discovered in the nearby area. The mining of these reserves generated a significant amount of toxic waste that needed to be disposed of.

Nicolae Ceausescu, a communist dictator and Romanian supervillain, ordered the village to be abandoned and flooded the entire Geamana valley because he saw it as the ideal vessel for pouring his newly prepared toxic soup

Once overwhelmed with water, Ceausescu started unloading incredible measures of clean poisonous components into the new lake transforming the waters into a multi-hued slime, and deleting practically all memory of Geamana from the land put something aside for a couple of roofs and a desolate steeple penetrating the swamp.

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