Abandoned Volkswagen Beetle Car Cemetery, USA

An abandoned VW Beetle car graveyard can be found deep in the woods.They all appear to be arranged according to age and model.

It appears that the location is secretive. As though it doesn’t want to be found. It looks like an almost impossible task to locate it.

In Luzerne County in Pennsylvania is this fascinating cemetery. Pennsylvania’s northeastern side includes Luzerne County. Driving to Concrete City is a good idea for anyone who wants to visit the Volkswagen Graveyard.

This was a junkyard that specialized in buses and bugs made in Germany.

Photo Credit: Paul Comstock, Flickr
The business probably stopped exchanging quite a while back. The automobiles are arranged in groups and rows, allegedly determined by age.

With the exception of a solitary part or two, the vast majority of the vehicles seem as though they can stir things up around town with somewhat mechanical bumping.

Additionally, there are stacks of doors, evidently arranged by model. All of the doors are laid out in rows and designed to rest on tree trunks. It appears that the proprietor established this establishment in 1974.

Photo Credit: Nenad Stojkovic, Flickr
It was set up as a storage facility. It is unclear whether he intended to deal solely with spares and parts or to repair and resell the vehicles. The owner probably deals in used cars, which is the most likely explanation.

It’s likely that he bought these wrecks, rebuilt them, renamed them, and then sold them for a small profit. Regardless, business does not appear to be doing well.

When you go there, you get the impression that whatever business was going on there went out of business a while ago, leaving only these rusting bodies guarded by slender beech trees covered in moss as a reminder.

Max Schellhammer, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
But once more, who knows? It’s likely that the owner has a plan, like storing them in the hopes of making a profit in the future.

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