Constanta Casino in Romania

The Constanta Casino is one of the most beautiful abandoned buildings in Romania. It was a posh Art Nouveau hotspot.

Image by Christo Anestev from Pixabay
The Casino first opened its doors to the general public in 1910, having been commissioned by King Carol I around 1900.

Constanta Casino was a triumph of the Art Nouveau movement and quickly became the city’s symbol, commanding a dramatic location directly on the Black Sea waterfront with views of Constanța’s ancient port.

It slowly deteriorated over the 20th century in Romania, was briefly used as a hospital during World War II, and was eventually repurposed as a restaurant by the communist regime.

The complex structure’s upkeep quickly became prohibitively expensive, and in 1990, the building was closed.

Photo by Gloria Cretu on Unsplash
It has been abandoned ever since, despite occasional restoration attempts.

Despite the fact that it is technically closed to the public and technically owned by the municipality, Romanian authorities have shown little interest in enforcing the closure.

The casino’s construction is the subject of numerous myths and secrets.

According to one such legend, Constanța Casino was built by a navigator whose 17-year-old daughter died.

The story goes that her father decided to build the Casino so that young people could share experiences with him that his daughter couldn’t.

The casino is supposed to look like a hearse from the top, and the windows look like graves.

Photo by: bdmundo – Flickr
In June 1941, the Casino was bombed once more.

The targets were the same as during the First World War, but this time, the Peninsulă neighborhood of the city suffered more damage.

Due to Allied bombing and targeting of the city, the Casino was abandoned and destroyed during the war.

Located at the southern end of the port district, just south of the Fleet Command building and two blocks east of the Poarta 1 Port bus station.

The casino cannot be visited because it is currently being built.

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