Amazing Discoveries of Five Abandoned Places That Have Been Forgotten By Everyone

The discovery of strange, abandoned places and buildings all over the world, from castles to puzzling properties, will blow your mind.

Photo by herbert2512 on Pixabay
There are a lot of buildings and places that have been abandoned, like palaces, mansions, houses with almost everything inside, and intriguing objects.

In addition, these derelict structures bring a lot of questions with them, and the answers are most likely to either astonish you in ways you can’t even imagine.

1. Burwash Correctional Center

The Burwash correction facility | Photo Credits: Alex Luyckx – Flickr – (CC BY 4.0)
The Burwash Correctional Facility was established in 1914. Over time, inmates built a large neighborhood around it to house the 1,000 people who worked at the jail and its farm.

However, the red brick building was left outside in 1975 when the prison was closed because it was deemed too costly.

The bizarre and rather ominous structure of the prison that was once very popular among prisons is abandoned deep in the frozen landscape of the Canadian province of Ontario.

It was never demolished and continues to slowly erode to this day.

2. Coral Island Marine Park

On Silver Cay in Nassau, Bahamas, there is a creepy, abandoned aquarium named Coral Island Marine Park.

It was a well-known tourist attraction a long time ago. One of the largest theme parks of its kind at the time, the aquarium first opened in 1987.

It was both an underwater observatory and a museum. Exotic sea creatures could be viewed by tourists in their natural environment.

One of the most amazing underwater marine viewing parks ever constructed, it seemed like a big deal back then. Sadly, it only lasted a short time.

Coral World International sold the park to the Marriott Nassau Beach Hotel in 1995, when it was renamed “Silver Cay.”

After the devastating hurricane Floyd struck the Bahamas and the US East Coast in 1999, the marine park was closed down.

It has been ignored and abandoned ever since.

3. Abandoned Spanish Village

Aceredo. Photo credits: Pementa, Wikimedia
Aceredo is a Spanish village that has been underwater for three decades but has now resurfaced after being abandoned for about 30 years.

This ghost village, which is on the border between Spain and Portugal, reappeared after a drought nearly emptied a dam, bringing a lot of tourists to its gloomy, gray ruins.

Now that the Alto Lindoso reservoir is 15% full, details of a life frozen in 1992 when the town of Aceredo in Spain’s northwest Galicia region was flooded are being rediscovered.

Sadly, the structures of the village are poor and questionable, making the town as a whole quite depressing for a location.

Before the government forced nearly a dozen families out of the village to build a new reservoir plant, they had been living there.

The entire village resurfaced as a result of a significant drop in the reservoir’s water level.

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