The Underground Palace, Adalaj Stepwell

Visit the Adalaj Stepwell in Gujarat, arguably the state’s most intriguing structure, to quench your thirst for art and history. Even though it is essentially a well, this structure is nothing short of an underground palace.

Notnarayan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Additionally, this enormous stepwell has five levels. Sandstones were used to build the Adalaj Stepwell in 1499.

It really is a beautiful piece of art that shows Indo-Islamic architecture. The extravagant stepwell’s history and legends are just as captivating as the stepwell itself.

Photo by Satyajeet Mazumdar on Unsplash
In 1498, King Rana Veer Singh was the first person to begin building the stepwell. He was a member of the Vaghela Dynasty and ruled a small town known as Dandai Desh—the same place that is now known as Adalaj.

The purpose for building a profound stepwell was a direct result of a water lack in his realm.

Karthik Easvur, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
However, he was killed by a neighboring ruler after being attacked and killed before he could finish building the well. At that time, Mohammed Begda became the ruler of this country. Be that as it may, Rana Go Singh’s significant other was to commit sati to accompany her significant other. Mohammed Begda somehow convinced her to oppose it. He asked her to marry him, and she said yes, but she had to finish building the stepwell as a sign of love, loyalty, and kindness to the kingdom’s people. Begda was persuaded by her beauty, and thanks to Queen Rudaibai, the five-story stepwell was built in 1499.

The shocking part is that Queen Rudaibai ultimately committed suicide by jumping into the same well.

Photo by Kinjal Maulin Salvi on Unsplash
Now, this part, along with others that surround the stepwell and the masons who helped build it, is unquestionably a legend.

In any case, this mesmerizing Gujarati monument near Gandhinagar has truly endured the test of time.

Photo Credit: Tin-Tin Azure, Flickr
The stepwell is easily accessible from either the airport or the railway station in Ahmedabad. It is easily reached by road, and numerous buses go there. Additionally, you can hire a taxi to get there.

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