Lewisburg’s Eerie Cave, Ohio

In Ohio, the Lewisburg Eerie Cave can be found just outside the city of Lewisburg.

To get there from Dayton, a thirty-minute drive is required. You will drive through a setting reminiscent of a horror movie once you pass Lewisburg. You are familiar with those abandoned farms? That’s how it appears.

You won’t need a GPS any longer once you get to Lewisburg because the way to the haunted cave in Lewisburg is well-marked. You won’t have to walk far to get to the cave because there is a large parking lot right next to the ticket booth.

The Lewisburg Eerie Cave, which is deep underground and features 500 feet of haunted bridges as well as 30,000 live bats, has received Ohio Valley Haunts’ top rating for two consecutive years. There are over one hundred actors inside, many of whom are hidden from view or above.

Large animatronics, air cannons, possessed vehicles, live flame, living walls, a quicksand bog, and some amazing CGI are just a few of the many special effects that can be found here.

A constant cacophony of disjointed screams, demon laughter, crackling electrical lines, roaring engines, and chainsaws fills your ears due to the cave’s unique acoustics.

There are not one however two troublesome labyrinths the seriously fascinating one being with regards to Heck, where you should pick from various themed entryways. Behind each one are distinct horrors.

The Frightening Cave is intense, dark, and entertaining—it feels like a living nightmare from which there seems to be no escape.

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