Mom puts on Michael Jackson in the car, and the dog’s reaction has the internet giggling… Check it out!

Dogs enjoy spending time with their owners in the automobile. However, in the video below, the adorable puppy does more than just keep his human companion company while on the road. This adorable dog, believe it or not, is a talented vocalist.

The dog loves to sing along, as you can see in the charming video at the end, especially when Michael Jackson is playing on the radio. Honey, Michael’s dog, is one of his biggest fans and has the best reaction whenever he hears one of his songs.

Honey’s owner, Mellissa, claims that the dog has had an incredible reaction since the first time she switched on Michael Jackson music. The dog became clearly animated and began moving around the room as though attempting to dance to the music.

Mellissa has made it a point to play Michel Jackson’s music in the car whenever Honey comes along, and she recently captured the dog’s reaction to the beat.

Fortunately for all of us, she chose to make the gorgeous video public, and it’s a good thing she did since this is one of those things you have to see to believe. Prepare to have a good time!

Watch the video here:

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