The dog awakens his owner all of a sudden in the middle of the night to save her just a few seconds before…

Toby, a quite nice and sensitive dog, lives in Canada with his owner named Ruth Hamilton.

Since the girl adopted the puppy from the shelter, he has been her best friend, always standing by her side and protecting her.

And just the other day, Toby proved himself to be a hero!

Ruth awoke in her bed around 11:30 p.m. due to a very strong barking noise by Toby.

“He barked again as if to say, ‘Wake up,’” she remembers.

She rolled across to the other edge of the bed, and there was a loud bang over her head a few seconds later.

It was caused by a chunk of meteorite that slammed into the Hamilton house at incredible speed, ripped through the roof, and landed exactly where Ruth had been sleeping just a few seconds earlier.

“I jumped out of bed,” she says, “and Toby did stop barking.” “Then I wondered, ‘Has it truly happened?’”

The girl revealed a chunk of the meteorite to scientists, who confirmed that it did indeed come from space.

Other nearby homeowners verified seeing a meteorite fall to Earth that night.

“They explained to me that when meteorites enter the atmosphere, they can cause an explosion.” Hamilton speculates that he reacted to this because the dog’s hearing is superior to ours. “However, we’ll never know with certainty.”

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